How To Write A Final Year Dissertation In Philosophy: Tips From An Expert

A final year dissertation in philosophy will require students to condense their years of study into one thesis that will determine their merit. This can be tough as hell and sometimes move one to the verge of a nervous breakdown. Not so, if you know these handy tips that are time tested and proven to be effective to write a perfect final year dissertation paper in philosophy. Final year dissertation in philosophy is the final point where you need to perform quite well in order to grab good ranks. This is the point where you will be certified as an expert of the field. Here are certain points you need to consider in this regard. Nothing will be a difficult deed for you, as soon as you start adopting these tips in your writing.

  1. Understand the requirements correctly

Understanding the requirements of the university in presenting the paper is of utmost importance. There was this student who wrote a 300 page paper as was required by the university. But the university had called for a paper written in double spacing while the student broke his sweat writing in single space resulting in a futile effort with his time, energy and research work.

  1. Hold on to your perspective

Your paper is almost like similar to an apprenticeship. Ensure that you develop a perspective out of your thesis. Readers will judge and determine your merit based on your thesis. Ensure that your perspective on the research topic if formed after due study and research.

  1. Manage your research work

Writing a final dissertation in philosophy requires application of management principles like setting smart goals and time management. You have to manage your time to complete outstanding tasks, prioritize tasks according to their importance and get annotated bibliography help when needed to avoid last minute rushing.

  1. Think from the readers point of view

There will be questions and doubts rose by readers. You have to imagine every possible question or doubt that can come up against your thesis. Be prepared to confront them with solid answers backed by evidence or supporting research work.

  1. Getting pre-submission feedback

Writing a thesis is obviously a stress building task. It is possible that errors would have crept into your writing that you may never notice during regular checking. It is wise to ask someone else to check your thesis as when looked someone else’s eyes it is possible to come across mistakes that you might have missed out.


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