16 Powerful Dissertation Topics For MBA In Marketing

Writing a dissertation is one of the most complicated and lengthy assignments for students during their academic careers. If a student is studying for a Master’s degree for business administration then he or she needs to come up with a strong thesis to qualify for the degree. This should be something unique and interesting to help you win over the professors. You need to keep in mind that the topic and scope of your paper should be something new. You need to avoid writing about obsolete topics that are obvious or discussed a several times already. The entire class is supposed to compose a thesis for the MBA in marketing and there is a high possibility of similar topics. The best thing you can do is to carry out extended research and find a potential gap in your subject. You can divide your subject into major divisions if you want to save time and efforts. You will have narrowed down options if you know the subject area.

Brainstorming is one of the most effective techniques to generate new and fresh ideas. You can find a peaceful corner in your house or school and take a pen and paper along. Forget about everything else and take out all the stress and disturbing ideas from your mind. You need to have a fresh mind to be able to generate ideas. Do not have any thing in your mind to keep you busy. The best way is to list down everything that comes to your mind without thinking about the logic or order. You can edit this topic later when you are in the editing phase.

  1. The role of supply and demand curves in determining market price
  2. What is the elasticity of demand for consumables
  3. How to choose the right marketing strategy for your product
  4. What are the four P’s in marketing
  5. What is the ideal method to increase revenue
  6. The difference between ATL and BTL promotion
  7. The role of social media marketing in services
  8. The importance of digital marketing
  9. What is content marketing for businesses
  10. How advertising agencies generate revenue
  11. The role of mass marketing for tangibles
  12. How to identify a niche for you product
  13. How to come up with a strong marketing tactic
  14. How to become a market leader in an industry
  15. What is the importance of electronic marketing
  16. What is print media marketing

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