How to Write a Strong Dissertation: Brainstorming Catchy Topics

The most important part of a dissertation is the topic you choose to write about. The reason for this is because:

  • That is the first thing anyone will read. The first impression is always the last impression
  • Your topic will guide you in the direction you want to go
  • A bad topic will lead to an even worse dissertation and vice-versa
  • Once you have your topic, your job is on track and you are ready to continue

Many people choose to make topics look catchy, and this should be the case. This article highlights a few good topics for dissertations (if you are interested in them)


This may sound like a waste of time, but it depends on which course you are doing and what you aim to achieve with this essay. Obviously, an engineer may not want to submit this as a dissertation topic, but it is possible that a marketing student could do justice to this. It is catchy for the simple reason that it talks about an everyday activity but in a more subtle and analysed manner.


Most ladies are into their looks, and men really want to prove that they look good too. For this reason, this topic and its focus hits home. Talking about university habits and hobbies concerning well-being is an important analysis that many students are looking into as their dissertation project. This topic can be undertaken by a science student or even an arts major.


A history student interested in the Iron Age would really enjoy tearing this topic apart. There is ample information provided for this topic and it is one heck of a ride going deep into history. France has been a hot topic of discussion always because it has always been a superpower. Neglecting France from history books would be a terrible mistake. Writing a thesis on it would not be such a bad idea as long as you are interested in French history.

A good topic really does not have to be catchy. As long as you can do justice to the topic and you have done your research well enough, then you can write on almost anything related to your field of study. However, the topic is the first thing your professor will see, so if it is catchy then it can only do more good than harm to your grade.

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