How to write dissertations and sell them to writing services

There are a few ways to write dissertations and sell them to writing services. Some are more practical than others and may provide you more of a profit.

Writing services provide students and teachers with sample pieces to showcase on their website, or samples to include in a textbook, or writing pieces that they students buy for various degrees. The dissertation is one of the more challenging, and therefore in the highest profit bracket. Getting started as a professional writer, selling your dissertations to writing services can be done in a few ways.

  1. You can apply to a position as a writer for a writing company and specialize in dissertations. There are many writing services out there, and you can browse their websites to find the ones which specialize in higher degrees and therefore will have a higher demand for dissertation writing. Most companies will say whether they are looking to hire on their website, and you can apply. Or, you can simply contact them and ask about applying. They may take you on temporarily at first to test out your flexibility, or they may hire you as a freelance writer, contacting you when they receive demands for assignments.

  2. When you sell your dissertations in this fashion, the price is often agreed upon ahead of time by you and the company at a rate per page. Then when a request comes in, the details are sent to you asking if you are able to do it. If you are available to finish the dissertation in the amount of time requested, you can accept it and start working. If you are not comfortable with the topic, you can decline. Some students give you the research materials they have selected, while others have no idea where to find them. Some students have a draft completed but just need help finishing it while others have only a thesis topic approved by their review board. Many writers have fees based on the due date too. Dissertations that have a due date of the next few weeks or days may be charged significantly more than those who give you months to complete the assignment.

  3. Another way to go about writing dissertations and selling them to writing services is the less practical way and it involves arbitrarily picking a topic for a dissertation, writing it, and then selling it online the same way you would sell a couch. You can offer it on writing websites at the flat fee you provide and hope that someone bids on it, and buys it from you.

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