How to write an outstanding dissertation - learning from examples

Learning from an example is a proven and successful way of becoming a better student. When it comes to writing a dissertation you are actually moving from the status of the student to that of a scholar. A dissertation, because of its size and time involvement, is a seriously major undertaking.

There are so many things anyone undertaking a dissertation would like to know about. Any tip, no matter how small, if it helps the academic in the preparation and production of their dissertation will be gratefully received. By looking at examples of other dissertations you can learn how to write your own. And some things you might like to look for in studying samples of other dissertations are as follows.

  • What is new about the dissertation?
  • What is independent about the dissertation?
  • What do they mean by thesis as in thesis statement?
  • How has the dissertation set up the writer in the academic sense of the word?

While it is a unique beast and a very large undertaking, there are many dissertations. You only have to contact a college or university which has been in operation for a number of years to see just how many PhD theses have been written. But what you can and should look for in studying examples of work already completed is to see what is new about the dissertation. This can be the key to you improving your writing. Doing everything else well is one thing. Coming up with a new thesis or a new angle on your thesis can be what sets your PhD thesis apart.

Does the dissertation speak with an independent voice? Look for the uniqueness of the voice of the writer. You need to stamp yourself as an individual so that your dissertation stands alone. It needs to be unique and it needs to make a contribution to the academic world.

The whole point of the dissertation is that there is a thesis statement and this needs to be argued throughout the work. Understand that this is the basis of your dissertation. With a strong thesis statement you are then able to go about creating a strong case to support that statement. Look for that in samples you are studying.

And when you look at a sample, consider how the creation of the dissertation has established the reputation of the writer. If this is your goal, to improve your status in the academic world or gain access to better employment, look for a way or ways in which you can make your dissertation place your individual stamp on the academic world.

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