Talk to your professor before starting a doctoral paper

Very few students will want to seek assistance from their professors in regard to their PhD papers. Unfortunately, very few will make it through college without being shown the way to carry it out from time to time. Instead of letting the problems overwhelm you, why not talk to your professor about your paper. Most students avoid asking questions and clarifications because they fear looking dumb but the truth remains you won’t survive working on the paper without a mentor’s help.

Here are reasons why you should consider help from your professor.

  • Why Seek Help?
  • You haven’t attended classes due to reasons such as illness
  • You failed an assignment or test and do not comprehend the coursework at all
  • You have unanswered question on how you should handle your paper
  • You need assistance on the subject that you have majored in
  • You require clarifications on schedules and/or policies
  • You cannot get help from your class teaching assistance in his working hours

So these are the reasons for which students may seek help from their professors.

Still on the same note, I have discussed why students avoid seeking help from their professors

At times, students don’t seek assistance from people who are meant to assist them-professors since they feel intimidated or embarrassed. So, what are these common anxieties that students experience?

  • Shyness,
  • Feeling out of the game after skiving/missing classes
  • Fear of being confronted
  • Fearing to ask a question because you may sound “dumb”
  • Discomfort that may arise from approaching professors of varying gender, age, culture and even race.
  • Tendency of avoiding interactions with people in authority whereby professors are inclusive

In case you are a student who wants to excel in his/her academic endeavors, you should leave all these fears behind. Without seeking help, you will never learn. Otherwise, even the professors themselves had to seek for assistance for them to be whoever they are now. Whenever you feel that you really need help, walk into your professor’s room head high and seek clarification. No upright and respectful professor will genuinely intimidate students. We are different in the way we approach people so, don’t blame him for his own habits. Just seek guidance because it’s the only way you can walk out of college a happy person. So, the time to begin giving your paper its due is now. Any time later will deal a damaging blow to your grades at the end of your course.

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