A List Of The Most Outstanding Marketing Dissertations Ideas

Coming up with a dissertation topic is an overwhelming process for most students—not only will your doctoral research take up several years of your life, your topic can either set you up for success or failure. There are many factors that will likely influence your topic—what your university’s program specializes in, what your research advisor specializes in, what kinds of research and topics there is funding for, and what you want to do in the future. But when choosing a topic for your marketing dissertation you want to keep in mind what makes a good topic.

  • It is primary research, not just a literature review
  • It presents a clear research question or hypothesis
  • There is adequate data, or opportunity to collect data, to support it
  • It is on the cutting edge of marketing research
  • It is current and relevant
  • It is useful to the industry

This can be a lot to take into account when it comes time to choose a topic. But you can use these sample marketing dissertation ideas to get started.

  1. How does the brand age perceived by consumers influence their choice when shopping? Are older or newer brands more favorable?
  2. How has the role of word of mouth brand promotion changed with the rise of social media platforms?
  3. What are important trends in brand or product placement in music videos, and how effective are they?
  4. What makes corporate sponsorship of programs or events successful? How important is the connection between the program or event’s focus and the corporation’s focus?
  5. How well do consumers understanding pricing restrictions?
  6. What are the implications of the switch to online product labeling from traditional product labeling? How does it vary between kinds of products?
  7. How does the layout of retail space effect consumer behavior?
  8. How are hybrid online and brick and mortar retailers successfully balancing the two?
  9. What are the major factors that influence whether consumers shop online or in person for a product?
  10. Do warning labels on products influence adolescent consumer behavior successfully?
  11. How has Pinterest changed consumer behavior trends for home goods products?
  12. How can the Do it Yourself movement successfully be harnessed in marketing for consumer products?
  13. Is social media marketing more effective for consumer products or services?
  14. Are different marketing principles used to sell in-flight goods?

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