A List of Interesting Undergraduate Dissertation Topics in Nursing

Healthcare is becoming an industry with a need for a strong knowledge base. Nurses are now being asked to pursue academic studies to increase their skill set, and help them better respond to the demands of modern medicine. It causes more nurses to pursue both baccalaureate and graduate degrees in nursing. Undergraduate studies will require a number of lengthy essays to be written, and there is a need for good topics on which to write. There are a number that the nursing student can think about as the selection is being made.

  1. Handling Large Outbreaks of Communicable Diseases. This is no longer restricted to the Third World. Epidemics of measles and other diseases are being noted in advanced societies. How to best handle outbreaks when it never happened before is important.

  2. Protection of Patient Records. This is timely as hackers gain more and more access to private information, particularly hospital records.

  3. Prenatal Care among Immigrants. A number of new immigrants come from places where medical care is nonexistent. This includes prenatal care, and insights are needed to best provide such care to the mothers.

  4. Posttraumatic Stress Treatment for Wounded Veterans. While they are recovering from wounds received, these veterans also may be suffering from post-traumatic stress. Discussion could center on how to handle both at the same time.

  5. Nutrition and foster care children. Foster care parents have obligation to maintain the health of children under their care. Some may not know the nutritional needs of these children who are assigned to them for a year or less.

  6. Sexual Behaviors of Senior Citizens. This demographic is sexually active, but may be at risk for various diseases, including HIV.

  7. Stress Levels among Toddlers. This topic could discuss various warning signs that a child of two years is experiencing higher than ordinary anxiety.

  8. Nurses as Healthcare in Rural Areas. This could discuss the need for nurses as healthcare providers in given rural areas that have no established healthcare facilities.

The dissertation topics should provide the writer with an opportunity to expand his or her knowledge base. The research can exposes individual to various means of providing better health care to patients. The field of medicine is demanding more out of those who have chosen this as their career path. Nurses have to be able to respond to ever-changing needs, and anticipate problems that may arise unexpectedly. Dissertation topics that address areas of concern are extremely good educational tools.

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