How to write a PhD thesis: list of helpful prompts

A PhD thesis is a very important piece of academic writing and needs to be written with enough care and professionalism. Students often get confused when they are asked to write thesis or a dissertation paper. The main reason behind this is that:

  • They have never written a thesis before
  • Thesis tend to be very lengthy and demand extensive research
  • Their advanced level degrees depend upon the approval of the thesis
  • The topic of the thesis is hard to choose
  • They think they have 2 years to complete the thesis so they keep delaying it
  • They are short of time
  • They do not trust their skills


Writing a PhD thesis involves a lot of research. It can be both first hand and second hand research data. First hand data is collected through interviews, surveys and direct conversations Second hand data is collected through newspapers, government statistics, reports, books, internet etc. The data that you collect from the web must have authentication sources.

Get guidelines from a senior

There must be people in your university or in your social circle that have written a PhD thesis before. You can ask for their opinion and how were their papers graded. They would be glad to help you with your thesis

  • Make a rough draft before you start
  • Before you actually write your paper, it is a good idea to make a rough draft. This is where you brainstorm, include the research data and raw materials, and add examples to support your stance. The examples should be real life so that it is easier for the reader to understand and they can relate to it.

  • Make an outline
  • It is a very important step to thesis writing. If you have made the outline for your thesis, it means you have planned your paper and most of your work is done. Now you will need to explain them in a clear way

  • Write your paper
  • After making your outline you can start writing your thesis. It is very important that you stay unbiased, clear and professional in your paper. Write your thesis in an engaging way so that you are able to hook up a reader

  • Stay precise
  • The problem with many students is that they add fluff by repeating the same thing in their thesis. You should try to stay to the point and brief

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