Psychology Dissertation Ideas: a List of Unresolved Problems

For students there is always another assignment.  There is always another thing that has to be done, has to be taken care of.  One of those things is a dissertation.  While dissertations are one of the hardest and possibly most daunting task that a person will have to complete in their life. In order to complete the process of the psychology dissertation the first thing that has to be done is a cool and interesting topic.  While there are very easy and simple steps that you can find on the internet, class handouts and other sources, the first step and most important is the topic.

Finding the right topic is the hardest and most complicated part of the process.  But it’s the most important.  One easy way to find a great topic is to think about the problems in the field that have yet to be solved.  Having a problem that has been researched but for whatever reason hasn’t been solved yet.


  • Brain Illness: Many papers have been written on topics of Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and other degenerative illness.  But there are still no cures, or solutions to these illness and those like it.  Writing a paper about one of these or one similar to this will be a topic that is an unresolved problem.  Focusing on the emotional state of the issue.
  • Mental Illness: There are a number of mental illnesses that have never been understood.  Making one of these the topic of a dissertation is a great idea, because there are a many of illness or disorders that are a mystery to everyone.  Focusing on one of these unresolved problems, will give the student a new topic that has been overly written about.
  • Emotional Problems: One unresolved problem is emotional issues that a people deal with.  If the student can narrow down one emotional issue to write on, they can give their reader a new subject to write on.

These possible topic ideas are great ways to make a dissertation a great paper.  Using any of these will help a student get a great start on their dissertation.  These topic starter ideas will get a psychology student ready to work on the dissertation.  They can use these starters to narrow down to topic to a very specific illness or disorder.

Creating a dissertation is not an easy task, but it is one that can be made easier when the student starts with an unresolved problem in the field of psychology.  It gives the reader a fresh new topic to read about.

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