A Short Finance Dissertation Writing Guide: Basic Recommendations

Okay, so the time has come for you to write a short finance dissertation, well, I suppose that you should be thankful for small mercies in the sense that you are not required to produce a large one! In all fairness, it doesn’t matter whether you are writing your paper in finance, or French. While the content of each individual dissertation will differ the format will be the same.

So, in case you are in any doubt as to what you should do, here’re my basic recommendations to get you started:

Short means short

Sometimes you really do just have to do whatever it says on the packet. Short is not code for long. If you can wrap your head around this one simple nugget then you won’t go too far wrong. This means that you are going to have to encapsulate your concept into a tight, concise paper.

Narrow down your subject matter

This links nicely into my previous point. Because you are not writing war and peace, you need to make sure that your topic isn’t too big for the scope of your work. So, rather than writing about an epic, vast subject you will need to narrow it down and hone in on one specific area.

Check your facts

Data is a critical element to a dissertation of this nature. Your facts should be as up-to-date and current as possible and if this means that you have to employ creative tactics in order to get your data then so be it! Don’t just rely on the stats that are sitting right in front of you. Make sure that you check and check again, so that there can be no room for ambiguity.

Use your data wisely

No-one likes a know it all, and the last thing anyone wants to read is a paper that is just full of data puk. You know what I mean, it is where the author has simply spewed data randomly across the whole thing. There is an art to producing a good paper. Knowing how and when to use your data is all part and parcel of that.

Is it credible?

Finance, like business is a subject in which credibility is key. Unlike some of the creative subjects where there is scope for personal interpretation, with finance it really is about the cold, hard, interpretation of the facts.

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