PhD Dissertations on Line: Getting a Free Sample

Writing your dissertation is a big job. It will take you much time and effort to finish. You want to make sure that you complete the job properly as some or all of the dissertation will be published. Experts in your field will see and read the paper. Additionally, you will have to argue your dissertation to the committee.

If you have never written a dissertation, it can be difficult to know what the committee will want from you. It is a good idea to look at samples of dissertations before you start. If you can look at samples of papers in your field that will be even better for you.

Places to Find Samples Online

Since some or all of most dissertations are published, it is quite possible to find samples of them for free online. There are several places to look to see if you can find some. You should explore:

  • Magazines, journals, and periodicals in your field
  • Papers your professor may have and allow you to read (if he or she has them posted online)
  • Academic journals
  • Samples (excerpts usually) from a writing company or an online tutoring company
  • Online scholarly databases
  • Online volumes of industry dissertations
  • Papers of individual experts in the field (their blog or business sites)

Be Careful

Always remember that you are using these samples to guide you through the writing process. They can show you the proper formatting, how to handle charts, interviews, and graphics, and how to put the entire paper together.

Because these papers online, they should never ever be copied in whole or in part. You may love what is written, but it is plagiarism if you take from these samples.

These free samples of dissertations will help you as you work through the project. Just use them properly for the maximum honest effect. They will make the writing, especially the beginning, of your dissertation writing, go more smoothly.

Good Luck and More Advice

When you hit a roadblock while writing your dissertation, simply look online to locate dissertation samples. You will find that when you read the different samples, they will help to propel you past your roadblock. It is nice to know that you can access these samples at any time of day. Good luck with your dissertation, as you have worked very hard to get to this point in your education and career.

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