The Top 7 Unused Politics Dissertation Ideas To Consider

Political parties. Voting rights. Government roles. It seems like the topics for politics dissertations have been used over and over again. The idea of coming up with a unique, unused dissertation can cause nightmares even in the strongest of students. Since writing a dissertation is a project that can be life-changing, it is vital that students studying politics come up with a topic that will get attention - for the right reasons. In order to do that, here are seven unique, unused dissertation ideas worth considering:

  1. Foreign affairs. Politics students often choose to focus on politics within their countries and local governments. This means that foreign affairs are usually left untouched by students working on their dissertations. Students can focus on national governments and their foreign affair policies and they can look closely at their local government’s role with foreign nations.
  2. Comparisons. This topic opens the door to a plethora of ideas. Many interesting dissertations have been written comparing governments and their policies, but there are plenty of other comparisons to be made. You can look at comparisons with laws about homosexuality, women’s rights, or state’s rights, as well as anything else that is of interest to you.
  3. Policies during specific leaders’ tenure. Politics students can usually look outside of their own countries to find interesting topics. Since there are so many countries and so many leaders, there are always unknown leaders that can be dissected in a dissertation. The leader does not have to be a national leader, but could be a governor or mayor of a smaller region.
  4. Finance and the economy. The government has its fingers in nearly every aspect of society and nothing is more controversial than the way the government manipulates finance. This could become a comparative piece or a piece that focuses on the financial policies of a particular leader.
  5. Crises. Government agencies and leaders are responsible for handling crises in their countries or regions. Why not look at the way that leaders reacted to a particular crisis? You could also look at the way that other leaders responded to a leader’s actions and what that shows about the different countries.
  6. Third World countries. There are so many interesting things that occur in Third World countries. They can be interesting to compare to First and Second World nations, too.
  7. Historical events. Current political policies are usually based on historical events, usually with the hope that the events will never occur again. You could look at how a historical event affected politics and what happened as a result of the reactions.

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