PhD Thesis Writing How To Make A Proper Schedule

Scheduling your thesis writing may be the most important part of the assignment process. Creating a workable schedule will take a fair amount of time, so free up about two hours before you sit down to work on yours. Remember that these same hours are an excellent investment into the time you will be saving in the future.

Be specific about time

Students should be careful not create a plan that works on weeks or even days. Narrow your tasks down to the very hour and make all other social or free time plans around that hourly schedule. When you start writing and that work hour arrives, you must stick to it and work.

Name your sections

It’s important to name each part of your thesis you plan to work on. Don’t just allocate time to “work on thesis”; you must be specific as to which part of the thesis you’ll be giving attention to.

Be organized when doing this so that you’re not just working on random sections. Instead, do important primary parts first, and secondary parts afterwards. Knowing your thesis structure well will be required for doing this properly.

Spend at least 10 hours on your outline

Schedule to work on your outline for about 10 hours (or two weeks). The outline must get a lot of attention if you are to get through your thesis smoothly.

Arrange research sessions

Researching your topic won’t be a once off task while writing your thesis. It’s important to work in research sessions throughout your work schedule so that you can constantly update yourself with the information you need.

Don’t overdo it

A crucial part of making up a schedule is factoring in breaks. Keep the working of your thesis to just a few hours every day. Many students make the mistake of dedicating a whole day to their thesis so that they can have a few full days off. This will have a negative effect on you in the end and either cause procrastination, or a burnout. Plan small segments of your time for maximum efficiency.

Don’t resent your chains

Once your schedule is created you may at some times resent it. Sticking to your schedule will save you time, so don’t look at it as being confined. Allow your schedule to chain you to your desk at the appropriate times and you’ll soon see the benefits of working under an ordered environment.

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