Choosing and defining topics for a thesis statement

When you are choosing and defining topics for your thesis statement you need to try and address the audience. Read your audience. Determine if your audience has more knowledge on the thesis than you do in which case your thesis should be a way for you to show that you have some knowledge on the matter too and that you can be trusted to continue in the field. If your audience has less knowledge on your thesis than you do it is your job to give them the background information they will need to understand the content you write and to teach them why your thesis is important.

When you choose your topic you need to choose something that you can cover in whatever page length you were given. If your paper is only 20 pages long then you don’t want a broad topic such as the role that Azerbaijan played in Germany’s strategy in World War Two. This is much too broad a topic to be covered in such a short amount of space. But if you have fifty pages for your thesis then you might be able to cover it.

Once you have selected your thesis you need to get it approved by your advisor. Some advisors just require an email while others want an official proposal.

After it has been approved your job is to start researching as thoroughly as possible.

  • Take notes.
  • Give yourself adequate time to review research and read articles and books.
  • Draft an outline.
  • Then write a rough draft.
  • Review the rough draft and convert it into a final draft.
  • Edit this three times.
  • Reading your paper out loud to yourself or to someone else will give you the opportunity to find any awkward sentences.
  • Footnotes and References

You will want to consult with a style manual for whatever formatting style is assigned to you. Make sure you use the correct form as assigned by your teacher. If no form was assigned then ask them what format you should use.

Once you have finished this you want to step away from your paper entirely for at least one day. Come back to it after you have spent some much needed time apart and make sure that your citations and quotes are accurate. Verify them against your note cards. Once all is said and done offer yourself congratulations for finishing your paper and get to class.

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