The Top 12 Best Business Dissertation Topics To Consider

The dissertation is a very important part of your university or college career, quite often accounting for a large portion of your final assessment. Many options for topics exist and before selecting a choice, you must consider the available data and complexity of the topic to ensure you have sufficient material to write on. Here are 12 business dissertation topics to consider:

  1. How does the price of oil affect daily life habits and crime rates in developing countries and should larger countries take this into consideration when striking business deals?
  2. Show how petroleum producing companies have affected the communities of undeveloped countries in which they reside. Have they contributed enough considering the huge amounts of money made from petroleum?
  3. Cosmetic surgery is not necessary for a healthy lifestyle so why does the industry command such a large portion of public spending?
  4. How large is the financial loss to the producers of disposable batteries and the products that use them as a result of recent developments in rechargeable battery technology?
  5. Discuss the one sided distribution of wealth among individuals and show how this is bad for the economics of the entire population of earth.
  6. Disposable items are a leading cause of pollution, should the producers of these items be responsible for eradicating the pollution caused by their packaging?
  7. How are marketing practices that excessively promote inferior products onto an ignorant public responsible for poverty around the world, especially in developing countries.
  8. Show how the existence of private health institutions an indicator of an inferior world wide health system.
  9. Some countries have the ability to produce cars cheaply and they often sell their used vehicles to poorer countries. Show how the environmental effects of this practice is not worth the financial gain.
  10. Many juices and snacks are advertised to contain natural vitamins and minerals but upon inspection this is often not true. Are these companies able to escape false advertisement laws as a result of their being a financial powerhouse?
  11. Many individuals make a lot of money online by posting ads on originally created videos. Should the persons that view these ads be compensated for their views since they enable the hosts of these sites to be paid?
  12. What differences in world prices would occur if countries that customarily engaged in providing cheap labor services to other countries were to change their pricing schemes or ceased dealings with international markets?

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