Is Getting a Doctoral Dissertation Written By Professionals Expensive?

Considering the Procedure

As a doctoral candidate, one of the requirements in the pursuing of your graduate course studies, is that of submitting a dissertation proposal. Unlike a dissertation prospectus, the dissertation proposal is the cumulative rhetoric of applied research to theories, in order to create your own theory, by proposing an insightful means of solution to the problem, or an explanation of the phenomenon, or even the presentation of new variables or correlations. But, there is a problem. The thought of extensive research, and bringing in a narrative of the findings, will seem like an eternal process in and of itself. You can be rest assured, that this does not have to be so, with the availability of numerous professional writing services. Now one can most easily obtain a completed dissertation proposal, in a relatively short amount of time, saving you the needed strenuous time and effort. This offers you, the student, to set newfound boundaries on what was once considered a territory of limitations.

What are your Options?

So, is obtaining a professionally written doctoral dissertation expensive? The short answer is that it greatly depends on which professional writing service one chooses. For example, Ultius, a professional writing service company, illustrates a “Pricing Guide” on their website, which specifically charts one’s “Academic Level” into three (3) categories, being Undergraduate, Master’s and Doctoral. Based on one’s level of academic proficiency, ten (10) categories of “Deadlines,” are offered. These range in length from eight (8) hours to twenty (20) days. Doctoral deadlines are from twelve (12) hours to twenty (20) days. The price ranges from $58.00 to $30.00 respectively. In addition to this, it is suggested, or advised that the prospective patron to call the Customer Service Support hotline for further information.

Dissertation Team, a professional writing service company, provides doctoral dissertation writing ranging from delivery of one (1) day at $42.75 to fifteen (15) days and upwards at $28.80. Please bear in mind, that, the pricing specifications should be viewed as averages. That is to say, for further information on the actual price of your dissertation, would greatly depend upon your circumstantial situation. Therefore, if you would like to know more, conduct further research into the professional writing service company of your choice, as well as directly contacting that company with your requests. Most of all, do not get caught!

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