A Manual on Writing a Great Doctoral Dissertation


Your doctoral dissertation is a huge step in your life and it is the highest of scholastic achievements. For years now, you have been studying the work and research of others who came before you in this field. Now, however, it is your turn to make a significant contribution to the field that you have chosen to study. It is up to you to make a discovery or posit a theory and prove it to be true. You are now in the big leagues, but what makes a doctoral dissertation great exactly?

  • The thesis statement
  • The research
  • The writing

The thesis statement

The thesis statement is the sentence in the beginning of the dissertation that tells the reader what you believe and what you will prove. Your entire topic is boiled down to a single statement that shows what the paper is all about. This is an important part of the dissertation as everything to come revolves around it.

The research

You must have good solid research to back up your theory. The research will be cited in your paper as proof of what you’ve said. If the research is not solid than you have no proof of what you are saying. Proving your thesis is needed to make it a true dissertation. Without this you have a very long paper about nothing. Good research proves the theory whether you do it yourself in a lab or use the research of others to prove your thesis.

The writing

You have been writing college level papers now for quite a while and you should have a solid grasp on what is required of you. For your dissertation you should go above and beyond that standard. Make this journal worthy work as many dissertations are actually published in serious journals. The writing is everything. You can do all the research you want and have a great theory and good proof but if you cannot express all of this properly in the right words than it all amounts to nothing in the end.

Writing a dissertation is a difficult task. It may be the most difficult thing you ever have to do in college. Just keep in mind that many have come before you and stood up to the challenge with their heads held high and won the battle before them. You can do the same with hard work and determination.

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