Media Dissertation Ideas: Current Problems to Explore

When writing a dissertation you have the opportunity to explore current problems and provide society with a potential solution. You have the chance to show your review board and advisor committee that you have learned quite a bit during the course of your education and that you can now contribute something worth while to your field.

When writing the dissertation it is important that you find a topic that you really love. This project is a long one. It is likely the longest and biggest project on which you have ever worked. That being said you need to ensure the topic you pick is something that will sustain your interest for the long months ahead. If you do not find the topic interesting then you won’t want to write on it. You won’t want to keep doing the research. You won’t want to proofread or go over multiple drafts.

So when you select your topic make sure it is something that is truly interesting to you.

  • You could complete an analysis of the effects that YouTube has had on communication
  • You could analyze how video websites like YouTube have changed society in the form of protest videos or jihadist videos
  • You could compare traditional media outlets to the growing number of bloggers out there and the effect that so many non-factual based sources is doing to those looking for information
  • You could analyze viewers reactions to the way certain towns are presented in the news
  • You could analyze the development of the 24 hour news channel and whether it has inhibited actual news by causing so many non-news based programs to be aired live and has filled news time with the same stories on repeat
  • You could analyze whether the media interferes with a fair trial and whether they should be banned from the courts so as to provide victims and those accused with an actual fair trial
  • You can analyze how advertising on the web has changed year to year and what demands are now in place in order to effectively advertise online
  • You can analyze the need to protect people on chat rooms from having their identities stolen. So many sites require some proof of age which often includes a driver’s license or banking number or passport and with that information there is a higher risk of theft.

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