Mastering skills of writing a PhD dissertation

Anyone who is undertaking a PhD dissertation will welcome as much practical and worthwhile advice as possible. Anyone who is undertaking a PhD dissertation will already have spent a great deal of time writing research papers, essays and the like. But no previous essay is like a PhD thesis. If nothing else it is unique as far as size and time commitment are concerned.

There are many PhD thesis students who have spent years working on their document. And this article talks about mastering writing skills so that your ability to produce a great thesis in a shorter time becomes a real possibility. One of the best ways to improve your writing skills is to improve your ability to plan and prepare for the actual writing.

By the time you get to the actual writing of the thesis, you will have spent many years taking notes from your research and creating various writing activities in your graduate and postgraduate years. But now arriving at your PhD thesis situation, look upon the task as having a variety of components. Get these components right and your writing skills can shine.

  • get the synopsis right
  • get the contents or chapter headings right
  • get the research material right
  • get any methodology right
  • get your conclusion right
  • get your citation material right

sounds almost silly but if from the very beginning you are able to write your thesis in one or at the most two pages, you give your writing skills a real boost. It should only take you two or three minutes to read aloud a one or two page synopsis of your dissertation. But that simple synopsis from the beginning will boost your writing skills.

Then we come to the actual headings, the chapter headings and subheadings you will use throughout your thesis. Having them listed on a single page can likewise help your thinking and thus your writing skills. Of course you must have the right research material. And not only must you have the right material you must have it well organized.

And what methodology will you use throughout the writing of your thesis? If you know your methodology intimately, following it is a breeze and will help you reach the right conclusion. Then when the work is complete, the task of deciding all references correctly is really the icing on the cake.

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