How to Speed Up Your PhD Dissertation Writing Process

There are four ways to speed up your dissertation writing process. Each take time, but in the end, they will increase the speed of your time finishing the work. What looks like it is going to slow you down, will actually speed you up.

  1. Organization
  2. Dissertation award or fellowship
  3. Strategic plan
  4. Committee


It does not matter how you go about this, if you do not have your pre-work organized, you will slower. Organization is the key. When you finish your research and have all your references noted properly, organize them. Make a blank notepad page, and then list each section you will be writing. Now organize your notes into each section as you plan to use them. Organize your references equally. Each note should be matched by each reference it came from. Now when you write, everything is there as you have planned out. Even your references will be easier to process into your bibliography. This cuts out the time looking for each note, and then each reference.

Dissertation award or fellowship

A Dissertation award or fellowship will get you time to focus on just your work. It will require a strong PhD. Proposal and high GPA. All Graduate schools offer them, you will have more free time to work only on the Dissertation. But they only offer a few, so they are not easy to get into.

Strategic plan

Developing a strategic plan will get you going at a quicker pace. This is a schedule that covers every aspect of your life. While working on the dissertation, you will follow this one schedule. It will start from the day you start your research, till the day you finish it. There will be no exceptions if you want to finish it on time.


Using a committee is a bit more complicated, but it helps a lot more. There are two parts of this. First look to see who is sympathetic towards the student working on these. Then talk to this person, and see what they can offer you for assistance. They may hold sessions where they will go over what you are doing, and make suggestions to help. They may even know of what Advisor can help you with your work. Find out what they can do to help you.

Second is to make your own committee. This is a group of people who you can trust, to meet every so often and go over things. They can suggest ideas to help you increase your work effectively. They can edit and maybe offer some resources.

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