10 Great Suggestions For Dissertation Topics On Education

Earning an advanced degree in education usually requires candidates for the degree to write a dissertation. As the controversies surrounding education continue to change, the topics continue to evolve, which makes it relatively easy to pick a fascinating dissertation topic. Here are 10 suggestions that you can ponder for your own dissertation on education:

  1. The effects of continual standardized testing: Standardized testing continues to be the most talked about topic today. There are two distinctive sides to the issue about whether or not to test students. As the tests continue to change, educators feel they are chasing a moving target, while policy makers think they are doing what is best for education.
  2. One-to-one technology in the elementary classroom: How much technology is appropriate for young learners? What is the right balance between learning in the virtual world versus learning in the real world?
  3. Online learning in public high schools: Computers are taking the place of teachers in high school, but are students benefitting from a teacher-less learning environment?
  4. Pressures of earning scholarships: It seems like every high school student is chasing scholarships. What is the reality of scholarships for the average high school student? How do students go about earning them? When should students begin to think about scholarships?
  5. Failures of foreign language classes in high school: When is the ideal age for students to begin learning foreign languages? Why do so many school districts continue to teach foreign language only at the high school level? How should districts go about making change to their foreign language requirements?
  6. Designing the perfect high school for the 21st century: What would it look like? How would it be staffed? What would the curriculum look like?
  7. What makes a teacher great: There are many qualities that students, parents, and administrators say make great teachers. What do the best teachers have in common and how do you go about evaluating their greatness?
  8. To assign homework or not: This topic is almost as controversial as standardized testing. Pick a side and defend it.
  9. Dessert projects that destroy learning: A “Dessert Project” is a project that offers little to no opportunities for learning. In many cases, parents end up completing these projects for their children. So, why do teachers continue to assign them?
  10. Developmentally appropriate learning: Is Kindergarten the right time to teach reading? What can be done in the classroom to ensure that children are learning at the right pace for their age?

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