PhD Dissertation Tips: 5 Fundamentals Of A Solid Paper

Committing to completing a PhD dissertation is no small undertaking. It takes most students years of study and independent research to complete their work. The final product is expected to shine new light on a topic or area of study that has not been seen before. Original, creative thinking and meticulous research are essential in composing a successful PhD paper.

Like any essay, your PhD dissertation will require a top notch thesis, and a fantastic opening. A solid outline and a well-thought out plan will go a long way in making your paper the best it can possibly be. Your course supervisor can help you with these tasks.

We've put together a list of five fundamentals that you should keep in mind as you work through your PhD dissertation.

Five Fundamentals Of A Solid Dissertation

  1. A Solid Paper Starts With A Solid Thesis

    Making the effort to nail down a top quality thesis will take some time. Consider it a wise investment, and one that will vastly improve the caliber of the final paper you compose.

  2. A Comprehensive Outline Will Keep You On Track

    As with your thesis, you will find that a well thought out outline will save you time down the road. A PhD dissertation is a long and very involved academic work. You cannot afford to get side-tracked, or go off course. Naturally, you may decide to amend your outline, and add or delete information and arguments that do not fit with your research findings. Just be sure to keep a clear, concise, easy to follow flow to your paper.

  3. Keep In Close Contact With Your Course Supervisor

    Meet regularly with your advisers to ensure that you are progressing at good rate, and in the right direction. Your supervisor may also be able to provide you with motivation when you are feeling discouraged or suffering from a bought of writer's block. A PhD dissertation is a massive undertaking! There will be days when you need encouragement.

  4. Make A Schedule And Stick To It

    Set a schedule that details what writing you want to see completed, and by when. Ditto for research. Be aware that certain research work will need to be finished before you can write some chapters, and set your schedule accordingly.

  5. Write, Review, And Reassess You Work On A Regular Basis

    Write every day! Review your work, and your progress with your adviser frequently. Remember that a PhD dissertation is expected to reveal something new, or make unique observations in your field of study. Your independent research may yield some interesting results!

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