8 Useful Tips On Creating A Dissertation Conclusion

Writing conclusion is an important part of the dissertation writing. Most of the times, people can figure out what the dissertation is actually about. Conclusions should be attractive and should have a lot of information but not something which is like a formula.

 There are many different ingredients which you have to include in the conclusion. It is not required that you mention everything in the conclusion. You will have to make it look attractive. Let us look at the different things in which it would work.

  1. You should include a brief summary.
  2. You should also include a deduction which deduces from the main text.
  3. The writer’s opinion.
  4. Statement on the limitations on what the dissertation was all about.
  5. You should also comment on what we can expect in the future from the dissertation.
  6. You should also look at how this would impact the future research.
  7. It should also include a clear impression of the research.
  8. There should be an open end for future research.

The ways in which each of these things are taken care of would change based on the needs. Anyways the biggest need here is for the dissertation to have a conclusion which gives details on what the dissertation is all about.

You should remember that there is a huge difference in the way an academic paper is written and the way conclusion is written. You should make sure that the conclusion doesn’t sound like an essay. It is a conclusion of what your paper is all about. An essay is on a particular topic. Conclusion of course is not the place where you write anything that you want. This would lead to mark down. Sit with your advisor and get a clear picture on what you need to highlight in your conclusion.

Apart from having an overall conclusion for your dissertation, each chapter should also have its own conclusion. You cannot just keep writing about everything that you feel in the conclusion, it should be explained scientifically and with a good conclusion. In the chapter end conclusion you can talk about what happened in the Chapter. This is also the write time for you to sell the research.

In the conclusion you would have to most importantly conclude on the future research. You may want to leave a note about what you want to pursue in the future as well.

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