Mass Communication Thesis Topics: How to Choose a Unique One

Thesis is a good summary of all the work a student has done over a semester or longer. Therefore, a thesis is very important, and can take months to write properly. Therefore, when it comes to writing a thesis, success can be deeply dependent on the choice of topic. It has to be interesting, deep, and most importantly, unique. This can be difficult to do. However, perhaps there are some unique problems when trying to come up with an interesting topic when dealing with Mass Communication- the field is very new, and can be quite complicated. However, if you want to succeed, a good and different topic is important.

The first thing, if you want to consider a unique topic, is to look at social media. The one thing that mass communication has over other fields is that it is a field of rapid change- and there are so many innovative technologies to choose from. Many of these have changed our lives in the last few years, some of them very drastically. Therefore, for inspiration, you can merely look at what new technologies are emerging, how they are changing the way we communicate, and voice reasoned predictions about what the future has in store for humanity.

However, back to social media. In the last few years, we have had a massive change in the way we view each other and how we communicate. A lot of this is due to social media, and that means that social media and new media are a goldmine for unique topic ideas. Since everything is so new, there is a good chance that you can come up with something that has not been addressed before, especially in these innovative areas. There is so much to research, explore, and learn. This is especially easy if you have specific interests in new media yourself.

There are also other types of mass communication revolutions that have taken place. Consider cell phones- flip phones are all but obsolete, and likely will not exist within a couple of decades. Of course, smart phones as we know them probably will not exist either. The future is very exciting, and very active in the public imagination, so perhaps this would be a great place to look for your topic. There is so much to look forward to in the future, and trying to predict where we are going through research would be a viable thesis topic.

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