Doctoral Dissertation Writing Tips: How To Save Your Time

Whoever told you that writing your doctoral dissertation has to be stressful, time-consuming and expensive? Of course it is an intimidating endeavour but with the right technique, you can successfully complete your paper without freaking out or spending a pile of cash outsourcing the research and writing proper. Yes, you can write your paper yourself without taking up more time than necessary. Don’t join that league of doctoral students who suffer nervous breakdown in the process of writing or completing their papers.

If you have already chosen your topic, listed below are some helpful time-saving tips to successfully complete your doctoral dissertation. They are as follows:

  • Get started early: The moment you choose your topic and advisor, don’t waste any more time – start researching immediately. After all, you have a load of relevant papers to read to make sure you find out about issues that are yet to be treated in your field of study and those that are already addressed. You should also understand some of the experimental techniques that were mostly used in existing papers. Whatever you find out at this initial stage will help you properly build the structure and total outlook of your dissertation.

  • Make plans and stick to them: Now that you have been given the ‘go ahead’ on researching and writing your paper, you should ensure that you have already made plans on how to complete your paper before the deadline. For these plans to work, you should discipline yourself to strictly stick to them. Remember, if you miss the deadline you are subsequently postponing your time of graduation. Who really wants that?

  • Make use of existing template: This particular tip has helped a lot of scholars finish their doctoral dissertation papers on time. Look for a colleague or friend who recently submitted his or her paper. There is every possibility that the work is still in the person’s computer. Copy the formatting, not the content of the work. The most important areas of the template margins and page numbering. There is no point re-inventing the wheel when you already have one to use.

  • Get a sample paper: This is another way to save time and limit stress as far as writing your doctoral dissertation is concerned. There are good chances you will find sample papers on your chosen topic from university libraries. When you get such sample, borrow the structure, some of the researches done and most importantly, format of citation if the same as yours.

Also, you should take notes of quotes and paraphrases as you research. This makes it easier when you are preparing the works cited page. Get your dissertation started now before that push graduates to a shove.

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