A Manual For Choosing Winning Dissertation Topics In Theology

Theology students study the concepts of God and related religious beliefs and activities. The study is done in a critical and systematic way with rationality being the underlying concept in the study. Similarly, training in religious studies acquired in seminaries, schools or other religious places of study is also included in the subject area of theology.

Religion has had a remarkably important role in the history of the world, with the fates of entire nations and civilizations decided by it. In today’s world, the role of religion has diminished in certain parts of the world, while it has been enhanced in others. What remains the same is the fact that religion is as important to the modern world now as it has ever been.

If you are looking to choose a topic for a dissertation in theology, we have some great tips for you on how to choose a winning one. Read on to find out more and get inspired.

Study your likes and dislikes

You will have to live with your dissertation for many months. In the case of a PhD, it may very well be years. That length of time with the same subject means you have to be very careful with what you choose as your topic. It has to be one that excites you; one that interests you and one that you can write plenty about. In short, you have to love it. With that in mind, start making a list of all the topics that you love. It may very well be a broad list at this stage but that is okay.

Study the topics you like

Now that you have listed down all the topics you love, start to study them. Research each. Make a list of all the research points and what you know about each. Try and be as thorough as possible. Remember, your research paper has to be quite long so this process will enable you to simply leave out the topics that you know by now cannot be expanded much on.


When you have whittled down the list of topics to two or three, it comes down to the same things as before. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Which one do you like the most?
  • Which one has substance so that you can research it and write plenty about it?
  • Researching which one will leave a legacy? That is, although research has been done in that area, there is some problem that you can solve with your research, fill a gap and create something new.

With this criteria in mind, select your topic. Good luck with your dissertation!

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