How to Write a Master Thesis Proposal: Using a Sample

Master’s students pursuing academic degree are required to submit a Master Thesis Proposal in their program.

Here, we are providing you key tips with help of a sample how you can Write a Master Thesis Proposal. Here is the sample collected from First-year master’s students in East Asian Studies (EAS) Center.

In this thesis proposal,

  • The first step is supervising the student in preparing the proposal. The supervisor helps the student to ensure that the level of proposal details is appropriate so that it enables a reviewer in EAS can assess the proposal against specified departmental standards.
  • The length of thesis proposal is 3,000 words, excluding tables or references. The word count needs to be listed on the title page.
  • The research proposal should clearly state the problem to be addressed, describe the research techniques to be used, and a review of the relevant published literature also needs to be included.
  • After review by an instructor or faculty member has been completed, research proposals are evaluated by the concerned Department in EAS. It can either accept the proposal, or ask the student for its revision.
  • Failure to submit an alright Master Thesis Proposal is considered as substandard performance in a degree program.

Key Tips to Write Thesis Proposal
  • Preparing a thesis proposal is an essential element of your graduate program. It gives an opportunity to make organize your thoughts about a specific research topic, to spell out what resources (technical, financial, or material) you want to carry out the research, and to decide upon how you will complete your research work.
  • The thesis proposal writing is also used several times in your professional career. The aptitude to “sell” a project persuasively is an essential part of your skills for completing a research topic effectively.
  • The introduction part should give a methodical understanding of what the research proposal is all about, whether the work is worth doing, and how the research results contribute towards attaining more knowledge.
  • It provides context in which the entire proposal is read. Invest time and effort in getting this section up-to the mark and the rest part of the thesis proposal is rather simple.
  • The proposal should be based on a thread of logic. It needs to build from the research problem and follow detailed objectives that must be achieved, if the problem needs to be solved.
  • The part of literature review must be up to date. Discuss published work relevant to the proposal, including literature required to define the research problem, explain the methods to be used, or describe the study area.

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